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2023-3-15 17:13
GGN - Lucky 13th Birthday!

Happy 13th Birthday Gazellegames!

Today marks 13 years since the site was founded, and we just keep growing in content! As this milestone comes and goes, so do our users, each leaving their own unique mark on the site, shaping it into what it is today. We wouldn't be where we are without all of our combined efforts and activity, and we hope we will continue as a community for many years to come!

But before we get to the good stuff, we have two announcements to make!

qBittorrent Versions Blacklisted
For those who are not yet aware, a recent discovery revealed a security vulnerability in qBittorrent clients v4.5.0 and v4.5.1 that were using WebUI on Windows. Accordingly, we have now taken the steps to remove qBittorrent v4.5.0 and v4.5.1 from our Client Whitelist. These clients can no longer be used to connect to the tracker. On the other hand, versions v4.5.2 and upwards will continue to be whitelisted. For comments and discussion on this topic, or for further information please view the Security Vulnerability announcement. And for those who are now suddenly seeing errors in your torrent clients, Happy Birthday!

Enhanced Trading Wiki
We also have more positive news to share. Last year, xxxxxx volunteered to write two articles to explain both the basics and more advanced details of trading. After some small refurbishments, we are now making them official articles that we'll keep updating for the future. We heavily recommend everyone read through it at least once, it is useful to newcomers and experienced users alike! And if Legendary Users+ have any suggestions or ideas for improvements, please feel free to complain in #Brainstorming!

Now, we've put together a delightful little box of birthday treats in celebration of our community. It contains gold, FL tokens, trading cards, delicious pumpkins and cakes, and a variety of other exciting items. Once you click the box below, you can find it in your inventory. Many more items are also dropping across the site, thrown away by shadowy, orange figures high above. It seems we were not yet able to stop all that flapping and roaring! Perhaps we can take our frustration out on some frozen pumpkins? In any case, let us enjoy this lovely birthday box together:

Don't wait too long before claiming it. Some gazelles have started a huge party that will devour our entire supply in 2 weeks! So while we munch on some pumpkin, join us in commemorating this special occasion and looking forward to what the future will bring!

GGn Staff


Gazellegames 13 歲生日快樂!

今天是網站成立 13 週年,我們的內容一直在增長! 隨著這一里程碑的到來和消逝,我們的用戶也隨之而來,每個用戶都在網站上留下了自己獨特的印記,將其塑造成今天的樣子。 如果沒有我們所有的共同努力和活動,我們就不會成為現在的樣子,我們希望我們能在未來的許多年裡繼續作為一個社區!


qBittorrent 版本列入黑名單
對於那些還不知道的人,最近的一項發現揭示了在 Windows 上使用 WebUI 的 qBittorrent 客戶端 v4.5.0 和 v4.5.1 中存在安全漏洞。 因此,我們現在已採取措施從我們的客戶端白名單中刪除 qBittorrent v4.5.0 和 v4.5.1。 這些客戶端不能再用於連接到跟踪器。 另一方面,v4.5.2 及以上版本將繼續列入白名單。 有關此主題的評論和討論,或了解更多信息,請查看安全漏洞公告。 對於那些突然在您的 Torrent 客戶端中發現錯誤的人,生日快樂!

我們還有更多好消息要分享。 去年,xxxxxx 自願寫了兩篇文章來解釋交易的基礎知識和更高級的細節。 經過一些小的翻新後,我們現在將它們製作成官方文章,我們將在未來不斷更新。 我們強烈建議每個人至少通讀一遍,它對新手和老用戶都有用! 如果 Legendary Users+ 有任何改進建議或想法,請隨時在#Brainstorming 中投訴!

現在,我們準備了一小盒生日禮物來慶祝我們的社區。 它包含黃金、FL 代幣、交易卡、美味的南瓜和蛋糕,以及各種其他令人興奮的物品。 單擊下面的框後,您可以在庫存中找到它。 還有更多的物品也掉落在整個網站上,被高高在上的陰影橙色人物扔掉了。 看來我們還無法阻止所有的拍打和咆哮! 也許我們可以用一些冷凍南瓜來發洩我們的沮喪? 不管怎樣,讓我們一起享受這個可愛的生日禮盒吧:

不要等太久才認領它。 一些瞪羚已經開始了一場盛大的派對,將在 2 週內吞噬我們所有的供應! 因此,當我們嚼著南瓜的時候,加入我們來紀念這個特殊的時刻,並期待未來會發生什麼!

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